Want to work for a firm that genuinely takes care of its team?

We could tell you we’re one of Cornwall’s leading firms of chartered accountants and business advisors (we are) or that we offer an exciting range of opportunities (we do), but we know that isn’t the main reason why people want to work for us. 

Since we started 80 years ago, we’ve put our people at the top of our priority list. 

When you join our team, here’s what you can expect:

Most importantly we’re a team 

We support each other so that we can support our clients, and help them feel clear, calm and confident when it comes to their accounts and tax. 

We’re helpful

We are generous with our support and care, and go out of our way to make sure our clients and team get what they need.

We are proactive and practical 

We’re not just bean counters and box tickers. It’s important that we help both our clients and the team spot potential risks and opportunities. So we value conversations, we make sure we talk to people, ask questions (even if they’re hard) and listen to the answers! 

We are committed to your development 

We support our people to expand their knowledge. We’re proud to be Investors in People. Everyone has an annual training plan and we’re happy to help you grow your career in the direction you want to. 

We’re also committed to your wellbeing

We know you have a life outside of work, so it’s important that we do what we can to help you find a good work/life balance. We’ve long been advocates of flexible working, both in terms of whether you work in the office or at home, and in terms of the hours you work. 

Whether you’ve got years of experience in accountancy, or you’re looking to become an accountant or tax professional, if this sounds like the sort of place you’d love to work, we’d love to talk to you.